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Hiring Movers In The Houston/Baytown Area

To be successful you must have stamina to perform on the job duties that often require strength.

You should also be able to plan the most efficient ways to pack and place items into the moving truck. Movers also need to have good communication skills to interact with customers and team members.

Mover Responsibilities:

  • Disassemble and reassemble appliances and furniture
  • Wrap furniture in protective material
  • Take inventory of items and ensure that no items are lost during transportation
  • Place furniture in the requested positions at the new location
  • Load, pack and unload items with care
  • Ensure that no items are damaged while moving

Mover Requirements:

  • Physically fit (able to carry heavy boxes and furniture all day)
  • Punctual and professional
  • A high school qualification or equivalent preferred
  • A driver's license preferred
  • Must live in Houston, Baytown or the surrounding areas
  • Customer service skills
  • Work well in teams

To apply contact us:
Phone: 281-421-4930
Email: rambosmovers@yahoo.com